It's more than just a mountain, it's a living legend

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With the height of 1,276 metres, Gunung Ledang is the heighest mountain in southern Peninsular of Malaysia. Located in the District of Ledang, Johor, this mountain commenced its operations in July 2003 and had been gazetted as a Johor National Park on 3 october 2005. The size of the park is 8,611 hectares. Popularly known for the legend of Puteri Gunung Ledang, whereby a beautiful princess becomes a fairy and made her home here in 400BC. This mountain was visited by Alfred Russel Wallace, a contemporary of Charles Darwin and a fellow originator of the theory of evolution, in 1854. He recorded the presence of diverse types of flora and fauna and it was noted that he fell under the spell of its hypnotic beauty.

Mountain climbers will experience a refreshing challenge and a test of stamina and visitors will have plenty to explore as they make their way up to the summit that is shaped like bow of a ship. Among the trails available are the Asahan Trail, Lagenda Trail, Ayer Panas Trail and Jementah Trail. Empangan Tangkak is another attraction which can be found here. Visitors will also come across refershing rivers and streams, waterfalls, diverse rainforest, majestic pine and sub-montane forest, and various nature attraction throughout their journey.