Johor National Park showcase more than 100 square
kilometres of diverse, natural scenery ready to explore.

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Tanjung Piai is named after a local fern, known as the “Paku Piai’ which is capable of living in brackish conditions. The park covers 526 hectares of mangroves and another 400 hectares of inter-tidal mudflats. It was declared a Ramsar Site on 31 January 2003.

Tanjung Piai is a cape of Pontian, Johor and is a must place to visit due to its many unique features. Geographically, it is known as the Southernmost Tip of Mainland Asia. The hinterland of Tanjung Piai offers the rural charms of remote villages, rich in their ethnic and cultural diversity. Tanjung Piai gives you a chance to experience rural life in proximity and also its natural wonders.

It is an excellent place for tourists and nature-lovers to experience the scenic coastal mangroves. Visitors can enjoy the long boardwalks that provide a good opportunity for bird watching and also observing the various species of animals living there. Rich in flora and fauna and is home to about 20 ‘true’ mangrove species and 9 related mangrove species, 3 types of primates, one endangered bird called the Lesser Adjuntant Stork (Leptoptilus Javanicus), mangrove crabs and mudskippers. Mangrove roots bind soils in place and prevent coastal erosion, filter salt water from intruding into the water table and provide food and shelter for fish, crabs, prawns and other animal species. With such high species diversity in a small area, the visit will be just as educational for everyone. Best time for birdwatchers to visit is between September and March, during the bird migratory season.